Project Management Services

MasterCall Electronics offers a range of Project Management Services designed to assist our clients to deliver projects successfully. These services include the provision of advice on all aspects of Project Management. A client engagement may involve a mix of the following capabilities to solve your problem or provide the kind of improvement you are looking for.  Analyse: perform analytical tasks to triage and diagnose problems and identify suitable solutions.  Design: design a new and or modify an existing process, framework, methodology, set of templates, planning or operational documents, approach to solving a problem etc  Implement: assist the organisation to implement the process, framework, templates, documents or system  Deliver: do the actual work of delivering a project or operational function, where we take the risk of doing the delivery and manage the task end to end.


Security Integration Services

An Integrated Security alarm system that combines Closed Circuit TV (CCTV), access control and back-to-base monitoring, provides the most comprehensive and affordable security solution to secure and monitor buildings, premises and staff. Our strong technical expertise and experience has enabled us to design, install, monitor and manage the latest electronic security technology solutions and systems to secure customers’ business premises, property and provide a safe operating environment for employees, customers and the general public.

An Integral Security Management integrated electronic security solution includes: Back-to-base Alarm Monitoring Security Systems Closed Circuit TV/CCTV Monitoring Systems Video Patrols from Secure Facility Secure Access Control Systems Audio and Video Security Control Systems Integrated IP and Network Security Systems Security Maintenance & Programs


ERP/CRM Business Improvement Services

The demand for continuing productivity improvement is evident in most organisations, as productivity improvement is essential for competitive advantage. MasterCall Electronics can assist clients to both increase efficiency and effectiveness across key business operations and turn ideas and strategies into effective outcomes through our ERP/CRM Business Improvement Services.

By applying ERP/CRM system, our clients will have following benefits:

Make job easier- reduce workloads by reducing double handling at workplace, more efficient on the job rather than processing paperwork.

Real time data exaction and remote online log in– access management information anytime anywhere, accurate, safe and helpful.

Different user access levels also available. Perfectly design and made in Australia to suit the needs of Australian SMEs.